OWTlogo2011_300xThose of you that personally know me know that I have struggled with my health over the last 6 months . With that said, I have always pushed through and somehow been able to continue being the backbone of this organization. As selfish as it sounds, I now need to concentrate on my health. Please understand that the following message has brought about many sleepless nights and many tears have been shed. It, by far, has been the hardest decision I have ever had to make but one that is necessary for the future of my health.
Much love to you all,


It breaks our hearts to say that we will be dissolving the non profit Operation Whitetail Inc according to section 276(a) & 391(a) (5) (b) of the State of Delaware. This dissolve, includes our latest Chapter in Nebraska. However, our first Soldier, Shawn Burke and his Board, plans to keep Greg and Shayne’s dream alive and will continue their mission under a new non profit in NE! Shayne has given them the right to use our beautiful logo with their new name “Heroes A-Field”. Be sure to check them out in the next few weeks. Please continue to support the mission with them, as they help to heal the wounds of the War.

We, as a non profit dissolving the organization, by law, have to liquidate all donations that are in our bank account. With that said, we feel that it is best to donate the money back to the community that donated it to us to begin with. We plan to do this in public, at the Federalsburg VFW’s monthly Post Dinner on March 6th 2015 from 5-7pm. The checks will be issued at 7pm. Shayne will invite all the non profits chosen within the next week to join us to receive their organization’s donation but would welcome ALL and ANY to attend this dinner with us. We also have several of last years T-shirts and hats that we will be given away that night.

We would like to thank all of our supporters, guides and volunteers over the last 5 years, as we would not have been able to touch so many of our Veterans lives without you.

To our Veterans, You are now part of our family and even with the dissolve of OW, THAT will not change, EVER! We just hope that we have touched your lives just as much as you have touched ours and as always THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!
May God continue to BLESS you all,
Operation Whitetail, Inc